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Clementoni, Soap And Bath BombsClementoni, Soap And Bath Bombs
Clementoni, Soap And Bath Bombs

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Clementoni, Soap And Bath Bombs

ID: 8005125612925

Clementoni , soap and bath bombs


Age: 8+


Not recommended for children under 3 years of age


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Clementoni, Soap And Bath Bombs

A fun kit for making real soaps and scented bath bombs. Follow the illustrated guide and conduct completely safe science experiments.


"The game is a serious business that should never be stopped" - Mario Clementoni showed everyone the importance of the game when he founded the company Clementoni in 1963 and created the first board game. The company has been producing educational toys for half a century. Clementoni offers board, educational and science toy sets, puzzles, books and other products. Clementoni's first commercial success came with the introduction of the board game Sapientino. A brand that constantly evolves the gaming experience for children and adults, maintaining creativity, passion and quality control. Today, Clementon makes toys for all ages. The idea of each product of the brand is well thought out. The toys are experimentally approved and manufactured using high-quality, non-toxic materials and in full compliance with safety regulations. Clementoni still combines a rich assortment of toys and the most popular licenses.

Additional Characteristics

General Information

  • BrandClementoni
  • Age Group8 - 12, 12+
  • Package size30.4 x 24 x 5.9 cm

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