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Get your items from today and split the amount over months

To split the value, you need to:

  • Select the desired item or several items
  • On the payment page, choose "installment" or "ნაწილ-ნაწილ" payment
  • Fill in the application of the desired bank
  • The bank will reply to you in just a few minutes
  • In case of confirmation from the bank, the products will be purchased automatically
  • After checking the item in stock, you will receive an sms that the item is being prepared to be shipped to you
  • To get detailed information about the terms of installments, contact the bank of your choice

*Please note that for the selected bank to consider your installment request, it is necessary to have internet or mobile banking. allows you to return the purchased product if:

  • Just changed your mind: see details here
  • did not fulfill its promises
  • The product has a factory defect

For more information:

You can contact us in the chat and/or call us at 0322560505 and share your request.

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