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Bosch Tool Kit-33%
Bosch Tool Kit
Coffee Machine Philips Ep2231/40 Coffee Machine Black-17%
Coffee Machine Philips Ep2231/40 Coffee Machine Black
Steam Iron Philips Gc7920/20 Steam Generator White/Blue-30%
Steam Iron Philips Gc7920/20 Steam Generator White/Blue
Braun HD385 Hair Dryer White-43%
Braun HD385 Hair Dryer White
Madame Coco Satin Twin Bed Linen Set
Madame Coco Satin Twin Bed Linen Set
Patisse, Sandwich Toaster
Patisse, Sandwich Toaster
Electric Oven Panasonic Nu-Sc300Bzpe Electric Oven Black/Silver-14%
Electric Oven Panasonic Nu-Sc300Bzpe Electric Oven Black/Silver
Apple Macbook Air M1 13'' 8 Gb 256 Gb Space Gray-21%
Apple Macbook Air M1 13'' 8 Gb 256 Gb Space Gray
TCL 65C735 65'' QLED 4K Smart TV Black-10%
TCL 65C735 65'' QLED 4K Smart TV Black
Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds White-10%
Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds White
Simba Toy, Doll Plug-50%
Simba Toy, Doll Plug
Cada, Rc Builder Jeep Wrangler, 542 Parts-45%
Cada, Rc Builder Jeep Wrangler, 542 Parts
Winx, Doll Urban Style-50%
Winx, Doll Urban Style
Silverlit, Toy robot-45%
Silverlit, Toy robot
Silverlit, Robot Biopod Duo-45%
Silverlit, Robot Biopod Duo
Silverlit, Educatieve Robot-45%
Silverlit, Educatieve Robot
Cada, Constructor Z-Wind, 959 Parts-45%
Cada, Constructor Z-Wind, 959 Parts
Silverlit, The Kickbot Robot-45%
Silverlit, The Kickbot Robot

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Coffee Table With Walnut Texture
Coffee Table With Walnut Texture
Koopman, Coffee Table
Koopman, Coffee Table
Koopman, Coffee Table
Koopman, Coffee Table
Koopman, Metal Table
Koopman, Metal Table
Shelf With Dark Wood Texture
Shelf With Dark Wood Texture
Koopman, Folding shelves
Koopman, Folding shelves
Koopman, Plant Shelf, 70 Cm
Koopman, Plant Shelf, 70 Cm
Tv Table With Metal Frame And Pine Texture
Tv Table With Metal Frame And Pine Texture
Shelf With Pine Texture
Shelf With Pine Texture
Koopman, Plant Rack
Koopman, Plant Rack

Online shop is a digital shopping field whose mission is to improve and simplify online shopping. The online store changes stereotypes about e-commerce in Georgia and establishes high standards. The online store offers an innovative platform that makes everyday life easier for users and saves time.




We have tons of categories on the Valley website where you can find anything you need or didn't know you needed. Try the online store, and you will find brands and products you have never seen before or have been looking for for a long time. This is at a competitive price.


Pleasant online shopping is associated with fast delivery, so the online store offers free delivery throughout Georgia, including on weekends. The purchase will be delivered to your door in 3 hours in Tbilisi for the first time.


For comfort in the country, VELI. store will deliver your order for free in just 3 hours.


The online store VELI is responding to the rising temperatures in Tbilisi. Even in your country house, your store will create comfort. Online shopping is easier with's innovative service. It allows you to escape the heat and chaos of the city without returning to shopping. First in Georgia, VELI.stoe offers this service, which was met with great customer satisfaction. For them, vacationing in a country house is associated with relaxation and fewer worries. The online store offers several main categories on its website, from which you can choose:


Electronics: at


You will find all appliances for home decoration and everyday life. This is whether you need small appliances for speed, simplicity, and convenience in your kitchen or multifunctional units for a clean and fabulous home.


You can also choose your own:





Kitchen appliances

Computer equipment

Tape recorders


On our site, you can also browse Smartphones, whose range is growing every day.


Bar & More:


The online store offers the largest range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and bar accessories in the Bar & More category. Whether you prefer to be alone or spend time with friends, will take care of everything. If online shopping becomes a part of your daily life, you can stop worrying about running out of drinks at the cottage. Instead, you can order everything from


Home care:


Home care is for you if you feel calm only in a clean house. Choose everything for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry cleanliness in the field, and the complete kit will appear at your door the same day.

With an online store, you can get everything in one place without being overburdened.


Care for animals:


Make the best choice for your pet by exploring the pet care category. Although we love our pets very much, we often find it challenging to provide them with heavy bags of food. To simplify this process, the online store offers a wide selection of food on the website. It delivers it to your door the same day, within 3 hours.


Fitness & Yoga:


Make exercise a daily routine and choose everything from the Fitness & Yoga category. The online store brings together all the accessories for training in one place and offers you Amazon's favorite brands, TRX and GAIAM, which are accompanied by high quality and training motivation.




Pamper yourself and discover everything in the beauty category. We have more time to care for ourselves in the summer, so we need to use these moments properly. The online store will help you with this, where you can find face skin, body, and hair care products, decorative cosmetics, and vitamins.




Create rituals that boost your confidence in the self-care category at VELI. You can choose products to fill bathroom shelves—oral care, hair, and beard care products, intimate hygiene, and more.


Parent & Child:


When quality meets comfort, parents choose the Parent & Child category. The online store on provides parents with a range of conveniences. Whether you want high-quality baby food or accessories for easy parenting, you will find everything here.

Children love toys at Toys are entertaining and educational. They improve motor skills and contribute to the development of children's different senses. Although colorful displays may be more attractive to children, our online store offers a wide selection of toys. And if you thought toys were only for children, you are wrong. The online store allows you to find the board game you want and have fun with your friends anytime. This is for example, at a picnic or at a country house.




If you love reading, discover books in the field. The online store provides complete comfort for those who prefer reading to any other form of relaxation or have not yet found a book that will make them fall in love with reading. Each book has a detailed description, showing its author and content. You will choose fiction, non-fiction, or business literature in Georgian and English. And do you remember bringing something memorable to read to the children during the holidays? For this, the online store also offers children's books.


House & Yard:


Create comfort indoors or outdoors in the Home & Garden category. Arranging your home according to your wishes is one of the ways to express your individuality, so you should use the online store to choose everything from textiles to appliances, considering your taste. The online store also allows you to refresh the yard so you can spend cool summer evenings comfortably. Hang a hammock between the trees to read a book.


With us, you can also choose an inflatable pool, where children spend hot days.


Online shopping is delightful when you find a product you have never seen. Corelle plates do not break. You didn't hear it; it didn't hurt.


Craft & Art:


Turn your ideas into reality, and discover craft & art at To transfer your inspiration perfectly to paper, you'll need quality pencils and paper. At the online store, you will find everything to help you realize your ideas. Online shopping retains the unique feeling of touching the product because you see all the details in the product description. This online store will be loved by people who collect notebooks and mark all goals written in them as accomplished.




"Kikkerland" is available in Georgia exclusively on Kikkerland is a well-known and beloved brand in many countries, creating small items since 1990. You can find them anywhere in the world in stationery or gift shops, and now in Georgia, exclusively on the online store


Veli decided to simplify online shopping and gift selection for Georgian customers with Kikkerland and offer more variety. In the online store, you can choose a gift for a child's or friend's birthday to celebrate or remember a special day. You can also present yourself and express your individuality.


You can buy Kikkerland items in the online store, which has 15 permanent and many well-known brand designers create and develop together daily. The company puts its heart into each product and creates its own reality by collaborating with brands and people with unique histories. You can also try the Kikkerland online store at and become a part of it all. This is because you can send your concept to Kikkerland anytime. Kikkerland Design offers the largest collection of items. Each product is a balance between form, functionality, and aesthetics.


It should be noted that Kikkerland is represented in 20 categories. All of them are available in different countries and are available through the online store Kikkerland is a Dutch company based in New York that produces 300 products annually. They are created with great creativity and a particular mood; most are in the online store. Even if your summer is still related to work and you can only get the desired products on weekends, with the help of the online store, you will use these days only for relaxation, because you can get the desired products on weekends in 3 hours. When creating the website, the team considered that online shopping was often unpopular with consumers. They simplified the registration and product purchase process as much as possible.


With the online store, you can have everything you want at the cottage in 3 hours. Currently, you can use the VELI—store service at 13 locations around Tbilisi.

Between them:






The upper and lower Kiketi,







Shindis and Tsavkisi.


You will get 10₾ less on your first purchase as part of the offer. See more details here. We have introduced a new way of delivery to the online: choose your time and receive your order in 3 hours. Internet store offers a unique experience of online shopping on the Georgian market.


Order the desired product today and receive it in 3 hours. This new culture of customer service will add comfort to your everyday life.


Online shopping in the valley and its advantages Free delivery throughout Georgia Ordering and receiving the product including weekends Delivery of the order in 3 hours Free choice of delivery time When will it be delivered to me? We tried to adjust the delivery time for you as much as possible. That's why we have created online shopping where you can choose time intervals when using delivery services.


The website offers four delivery options when you select the desired products and proceed to the payment page. Our courier will deliver products purchased before 19:00 within 3 hours. Most importantly, you can shop online anytime. Therefore, you can use our services on weekends. How will you bring me? To make online shopping even more convenient, we've included the option to have your order delivered to your door.


Also, if you are looking for a loved one's sweet dreams or making a surprise, you can get an order without ringing the doorbell. For this, you need: When indicating the delivery time on the payment page, remember to choose the preferred method. Who will deliver the products ordered from the online store VELI. Our courier will deliver to the store quickly and comfortably using our car. As soon as the product is delivered to you, you can see the exact location of the courier on the order page. This is done on a map. Their message is simple, VELI: couriers will meet you at your door with the best packaged products. Didn't you tell us we have installments?




Purchasing any item in installments at is now possible. Installments make online shopping easier and more personalized. Select the online store and the desired item and transfer the amount with the bank's help.


As a result, you will comfortably pay the cost of the item you purchased from the online store. You will not have to wait until you have the necessary amount. Currently, the online store allows Georgian or TBC Bank installments. To purchase in installments, you need to: select the desired product on the online store, fill out the TBC or Bank of Georgia application form, and the bank will reply to you in just a few minutes. If you receive a confirmation from the bank, you can purchase automatically from the online store Veli.



Who creates


The online store is run by more than 100 people who learn new things and share their knowledge daily. members unite for a common goal and provide memorable moments for people. At the online store Veli, we are united around one goal - to make everyday life and online shopping more accessible and more diverse so that people have more time for people. And for this, we have created an online store with the most convenient online shopping experience.


Online store is a subsidiary brand of Adjara Group and creates fresh direction for the business through its decentralized corporate structure. This online store was designed for freelancers, whose most valuable resource is time.