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Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.
Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.

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Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.   - ვარიაცია 1 Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.   - ვარიაცია 1

Talisma, Sepage, Pink Dry Wine, 2021.

ID: 77TIL2021MWV3
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• Talisma, sepage, pink dry wine, 2021.

• Grape variety: Saperavi, Kakhuri Green, Rkatsiteli.

• Technology: glass bottle.

• Alcohol content: 12.5%.

• country Georgia.

• Region: Kakheti.

• Aroma: caramel, ascil, rose, strawberry.

• Taste: light, harmonious.

• Year: 2021.

• Color: pink.

• Volume: 750 ml.


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Natural wine from Kakheti, Eastern Georgia. Made from Saperavi, Kakhuri Green and Rkatsiteli grape varieties, each bunch is picked and selected by hand. Light, lively and easy to drink. Does not contain sulfur.

Brand History

"Tilisma Winery" is located in the village of Veliskikhe and Mukuzan, Kakheti. We got the first harvest in 2018, Kvevari Saperavi, and then more than one experimental wine was created. We are a member of the "Natural Wine" association. Growing an organic vineyard was a big challenge, because all around using standard methods He took care of the vineyard and the soil, so I devoted a lot of time to studying organic viticulture. Despite some difficulties, newly cultivated Kakhuri varieties were gradually added to the vineyard left by our ancestors. By 2022, we will already be producing traditional Kveri, Petnat, semi-carbonated, European wines. Although mainly traditional Kakhuri varieties Consumers have expectations of technology, I constantly try to make interesting and experimental wines.

Additional Characteristics


  • CategoryPink Wine
  • SpeciesDry
  • ColorPink
  • Country-regionGeorgia, Georgia-Kakheti
  • BrandTilisma
  • Grape varietyRkatsiteli, Kakhur Is Green, Color
  • Year2021
  • TechnologyGlass Demijohn
  • Percentage of alcohol12.5%
  • Volume750 ml